In the event of severe weather conditions we may need to close the school and college.  This would only occur in exceptional circumstances with consideration of the need to balance health and safety risks.

We will always try to give you as much notice as possible should this happen.

Please find below useful information in relation to school procedures.

  • Head of School/Chair of Governors will make the decision in terms of Health and Safety whether the School/College site will be open.
  • Head of School will inform Transport Department.

Parents can obtain updated information by:-

  • Checking the school website
  • Texting Service – Registering your mobile details with school will enable school to update you via text regarding any school closures.

We are very keen to update as many parents as possible via the texting service, therefore we would be grateful if you could contact school with your up-to-date mobile number.

Thank you for your cooperation, any queries please contact school; 01942 824150