We have several clubs that run across the year. These include Wrap Around care in the Early Years foundation Stage Unit, Holiday clubs (otherwise known as Crazy Caterpillars) and our breakfast and afterschool club for working parents.

Breakfast Clubs

Our Breakfast Club provides all children with the ideal start to their school day. They are relaxed and friendly because the children attend on a regular basis and key staff know the children well. The clubs is open every day from 8am and the main focus of the breakfast club is the healthy breakfast. This is made up of cereals, toast, fruit, yoghurts, juice and drinks. The children can choose what they would like to eat each morning and our staff team ensure they eat a nutritious meal. There are different activities available every day and the children are able to choose what they would like to play with both indoors and out.

Holiday Clubs

The Crazy Caterpillar holiday club is relaxed and friendly. It is open throughout the year during school holidays and caters for children aged between 2-11 years. Children come back to us time after time because they have had such a great day. Arty children will come home with lots of things they have made, and sporty children will come home exhausted because they have been running around all day! This club is open between

The Team

Our enthusiastic team in each club work on a staff ratio of 1 adult to 8 children; children with additional needs will receive a higher ratio of supervision, depending on their individual needs. The team is handpicked for their committed, professional and fun attitude. The majority of the staff work at Hope school during term time and have a high level of qualifications and training.  Each child will receive of the support they need  from our team who will assist them with arts and crafts, lead group games, participate in sports with them, or if the children prefer, they will simply observe that the children are safe and having a good time. 

Feedback & Communication

Each session will be led by key members of staff and these will act as key workers to your child.  If there is a problem at the club, we will always call you, however, if you are feeling anxious or just want to check how your child is getting on, you are always welcome to contact the club mobile

The majority of children settle into the club really well, but occasionally some new children can find it hard. If you have any comments, or there is something that your child does not like about the club, please speak to the key staff as they will be happy to work with you and your child to ensure they are happy in the club.

For further information about the clubs, prices and how to book a place contact: Sharron Yates ( SEN Development Officer)

Contact Numbers 01942 824150 (8.00am-4.00pm)

Mobile 07804657004 (4.00pm-18.00pm)