Message From The Headteacher

  • By Rhys Priestley of Senior One
    By Rhys Priestley of Senior One
  • By Teyha Horrocks of Class Two
    By Teyha Horrocks of Class Two
  • By Ben Pitt of Class Six
    By Ben Pitt of Class Six

Sue Lucas

Head of Hope School

“Hope School and College is a large, popular and innovative provision catering for the individual needs of pupils’ and students from the ages of 2 -19 who present a diverse range of needs including severe learning difficulties and profound and complex physical/medical needs.

The success of the school and college is purely derived from an enthusiastic, pro-active team of highly dedicated staff. Pupils are guided, supported and managed by an experienced highly focused multi-disciplinary team who all share the same aims in providing an  enriched, progressive and stimulating education and future for all.

We have a strong, shared commitment to excellence, providing the highest quality of provision for all, and work together in a supportive, caring community atmosphere. A great emphasis is placed on addressing and challenging individual needs through a dynamic, exciting and challenging curriculum purposefully designed to enable everyone to develop and progress to their full potential within an excellently resourced and positive environment.

On a personal note, I am enormously proud to be part of the continued development of such an outstanding school and college. It is both a privilege and a joy to work with all the pupils, parents, staff and governors; who are undoubtedly the driving force and the main reason that Hope School and College are held in such high esteem.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on or call us on 01942 824 150 if you have any further questions or queries, we are here to help and support you all.”

Where achievement, equality and independence are a key aspiration for all.

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