Taking the individual needs of every pupil and student as our prime aim, we strive to achieve the highest possible standards in the wider educational context, where achievement, equality and independence are a key aspiration for all.

At Hope School and College, we share a vision of excellence where the highest standards of teaching mean that the culture of learning is inherent in us all.

At Hope School and College, the staff, pupils and all those involved share in, and celebrate the achievement of all. We all have a crucial part to play.

At Hope School and College creativity and independence are expected and encouraged.

At Hope School and College everyone has the opportunity to grow, develop and extend their understanding of their own individuality and uniqueness.


To achieve this, we firmly believe in:

  • ensuring our curriculum is diverse, but also places great emphasis on the core curriculum areas and developing individual skills
  • encouraging personal, social and emotional growth and a deeper awareness of cultural, moral, and spiritual values
  • preparing all pupils for the opportunity, responsibilities and experiences of life
  • supporting every pupil’s ability to participate and drive their own learning so that they can explore, question and challenge
  • inclusion whenever possible
  • establishing the school as a resource centre providing expertise, materials and advice across the community
  • encouraging and supporting staff to be committed to a professional development and to sharing communication


We offer an environment dedicated to learning where pupils can expect:

  • to be included
  • resources of the highest quality
  • access to a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum which is both interesting and challenging
  • to be taught by highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff
  • a system of assessment, monitoring and recording that is recognised and understood by all
  • to feel safe, secure and HAPPY