Coronavirus Update 17th March

Dear Parent / Carer,                                                                                                       17th March 2020.

As you’re probably aware, the government’s guidance on the coronavirus has changed from the ‘contain’ phase to one of delaying the spread of the virus. We’re getting in touch to let you know what we’re doing in light of this, to help make sure everyone across school, The Grange and The Hamlet keeps safe, well and calm.

We’d like to reassure you that at we’re taking all of the necessary steps to protect our school and provisions and are continuing to follow official guidance from the government, public health and the local authority.

What’s the current situation?

  • The school, The Grange and The Hamlet remains open – this is the current official guidance we’ve been given
  • Following advice we have suspended off site visits and professionals visiting the school are asked to follow hand washing hygiene protocol.
  • a new, continuous cough and/or
  • a temperature
  • If your child is unwell, report this as you would normally by contacting the school office before 9 am (please remember to contact the school office and not send information via passenger assistants and Dojo or email)
  • We’ll keep you up to date with any changes to the current situation
  • Last nights information from the government also stated that if anyone in your household is showing any symptoms then the whole family should self-isolate for 14 days

What we’re doing to protect and support pupils and staff

  • If a pupil appears ill at school we would contact you as is our normal procedure
  • If a member of staff is feeling unwell at school they too would take the same action as they would normally, inform the head / deputy before leaving the premises so that cover can be provided
  • Cleaning staff are, as always particularly vigilant as are all school staff who are wiping down surfaces / door handles / equipment during and at the end of each day
  • Everyone’s cleanliness is of great importance and classes are being supervised in their hand washing regimes to ensure consistency of hygiene care
  • Classes are also reminded through assemblies/group discussions/ PSHE lessons etc about hygiene and if appropriate, how to deal with anxiety.

What we need you to do

  • If you’ve recently changed your contact details, please inform the school office as soon as possible via the school office
  • Talk to your children about the coronavirus. It’s a scary time and we should make sure children feel supported. BBC Newsround has regular updates for younger children and YoungMinds has practical steps older children can take to help with anxiety
  • Please can collect your child straight away, if we ask you to (we’ll contact you if they become ill with either a temperature or a new, continuous cough)

I am aware that there is a lot of speculation about schools and provisions closing however, we will only close if we’re either officially advised to do so or we don’t have enough staff to run the school.

In either case, we’ll:

  • Inform you of closure by letter/text and on the school website
  • Similarly we will let you know when we will re-open by letter/text/ school website
  • If you need to get in touch with school you can contact myself through email at

Please keep in mind that we’re only sending out this information to help the school community prepare. There are currently no plans to close.

If you have any questions

Please consult the:

  • School, The Grange or The Hamlet, if you have any questions.
  • NHS, if you want to know more about the symptoms of coronavirus. If you think you or your child may have the symptoms, use NHS 111 online if at all possible before calling 111
  • Department for Education’s coronavirus helpline: 0800 046 8687, if you have any questions about the government’s response to coronavirus in relation to schools
  • Government’s travel advice, if you want to know whether any upcoming trip or holiday you’re taking abroad should go ahead

It is a tricky time and we know you’re worried about the impact this might have on your child and our school and provisions but it is important we keep everyone safe and talk about these events to help with any worries it may cause

Thank you once again for all your continued support and hope you all keep safe and well and we can return to our normal routines as soon as possible.

Best wishes


This information is taken from advice and guidance we have received as of 17th March 2020 at 1 pm