The Hamlet will offer term time day provision for young adults from 19-25 who on admission are independently competent and are currently working within Entry 1 or above and are striving to aim for possible voluntary or full time un-supported employment.

Our aim is to embrace and offer the community an enhanced and socially friendly offer whilst also providing a unique opportunity in which young adults can experience and train in skills equipping them for life.

This service will enable :

  • an innovative approach to the provision for young adults with additional needs
  • The Hamlet will be integral in integrating young people within their local area, supporting them to work, develop and progress both within and as part of the wider community
  • The Hamlet to give back to the community a redeveloped site at Three Sisters which can also provide a variety of interactive services and provision for the community whilst also offering young adults the experience and opportunity of the world of work.

In addition the site will offer :

  • Café for local and wider community – walkers / social meeting place / angling club
  • Centre for local schools / groups to integrate and use in relation to school/curriculum projects
  • Conference / Meeting Room – provision for meetings / gatherings – Council meetings / L.A. meetings / Community groups ( Promoting Health and Well- Being i.e. Yoga Clubs / Slimming World venue / Art groups / etc etc )
  • Annual events ; i.e. Christmas Markets / Spring Fair / Summer Concerts

Aims and Objectives :

  • To create a vocational working community made up of ‘individual businesses’ built around a central hub
  • To promote ‘community’ ethos and values where young adults can build on existing strengths to learn, develop and embed new skills in a safe, structured and caring environment.
  • To develop and promote our ‘businesses’ around staff expertise who can provide appropriate support and guidance to continue to nurture and develop their skill-set. This will give them the best opportunity to move forward from our provision as a valued member of the wider community.
  • As an ideal site and location for development it is easily accessible from all corners of the borough

Please contact the Headteacher or Gemma Crompton on 01942 824150 if you need any further information.