14th December 2021

Dear all

Below is information we have received from Department for Education. Gov.Uk with the latest information and guidelines we now need to follow. If you have any queries and/or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school or via email.

Many thanks for continuing to support and keep everyone safe and well.



5th November 2021

Dear parents/ carers

Can I just express our many thanks in your continued co-operation and communications in informing us of possible symptoms and cases amongst you, your family members and close contacts. All this information is helping and supporting the ongoing health and safety of all of us.

We are however finding that school is having to complete more and more detailed documentation and to support this process could you please forward any documentation you receive about your son or daughter from the NHS that confirms either a positive or negative PCR result to the office.

Thanks again, take care and fingers crossed that we all keep safe, healthy and very happy


4th November 2021

Just sharing with you the attached recommendations that have been sent to all secondary schools across Wigan Local Authority.

Best wishes  –  Sue Lucas


24th September 2021

The latest advice and guidelines for parents can be downloaded here:


23rd September 2021

At Hope School we are dedicated to doing everything we can to keep staff and students as safe as possible in the face of coronavirus.  Consequently, we have spent many hours evaluating the risks and planning a range of mitigating controls.

We have written a risk assessment that is responsive to all new guidance that is released by the Government. You can download a copy by clicking below.

COVID 19 – Hope School Risk Assessment.