Hello we are Senior 7

Some of our class go to Cansfield High School on Monday and Tuesday- here we cover History, Citizenship, Geography and P.E

On Wednesday most of our class go to Central Park for work experience,  we go to the gym and have our dinner there.

Thursday and Friday we catch up on our Functional Skills and Accreditation.

We are a friendly class, we look after each other and all other students.        #TeamHope

Written By James B (Senior 7)



Senior 7 have been involved in a rail project with Daisy Chapman-Chamberlain
Community Rail Education Development Officer called tRAILblazer.

We all went on the train to Kirby taking photographs on and outside the train.

The photographs have been used to promote rail safety in the North West. Our photographs are now displayed in all North West Train Stations.

As a follow up some students were invited to complete work experience based in Manchester Victoria Train Station.

We are always very busy.