Welcome to Class 9!

During our topic we have explored Jurassic Park, The Stone Age, Ancient Egypt and WW2 through espressive arts and design technology activities.

We visited the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park. I drew my own map of Aidan Park – Aidan

We learnt about evolution – Nicole

I painted a Stone Age cave in orange paint because a saber tooth tiger is orange – Maisie

We made a sphinx from play-doh and a paper pyramid. We made an Egyptian scene in a box – Mason

In science we have been learning about magnets and forces. We have explored magnetic and not magnetic materials, the strength of different types of magnets and friction on different surfaces (rough and smooth).

We tested how magnets move. We used the blue cellophane so we could see the magnets move through it – Leon

In English, Class 9 are working really hard to improve the presentation and the quality of their writing. We are enjoying reading books of our choice, and finding more books that we have an interest in.

In maths we have been engaging in lots of practical activities to show our understanding, and writing in our books to show our working out.

This half term we are learning about different periods in history by travelling in our time machine