In Key Stage 2 we learn through a thematic and sensory curriculum where pupils are fully immersed in learning new skills and gaining knowledge about the local community and the wider world. We focus on our pupils acquiring communication, personal, social, and physical skills which they can relate to all aspects of their lives and get them ready for transition into the senior department. Our pupils love learning through their senses, we enjoy lots of singing, dancing, physical activities and exploring through play and interaction. In the primary department friendship groups are nurtured and pupils build relationships which last throughout school and beyond.

Students with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties at Key 2  follow the Sensory pathway, focusing on Early Communication and Cognitive skills. As in all departments Communication underpins all areas of the Sensory Curriculum and is supported through spoken language, use of signing, visual cues and high and low tech communication aids. The creative topic choices provide effective and stimulating teaching programmes suitable for each individual learner

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